Evidence-Based Communications is a scientific approach to communications, driven by data at the beginning, the middle and the end.

In addition to accountability, the Evidence-Based approach fosters creativity and flexibility, as listening to data and insights opens up new possibilities that strategizing alone cannot achieve. The approach is also extremely cost-effective, as it assures that dollars are being committed to tactics and messages grounded in Evidence, as well as monitoring program effectiveness throughout a communications initiative and allowing for course correction if necessary to optimize results.

  • Evidence-Based Communications ends the guess work. All communications strategies are based in evidence, not speculation.
  • It delivers better ROI. By using Evidence-Based Communications to develop programs, the firm is ensuring that each client’s communications dollars are spent on tactics and messages that will deliver results.
  • It is measurable. By using Evidence-Based tools for benchmarking at the beginning of a program and measuring effectiveness at the end, clients can demonstrate a positive communications ROI.
  • The programs are nimble. Because Cynosure Communications measures the impact of a program’s tactics at the beginning, middle and end of program, there is an opportunity to modify tactics in the middle of a campaign.
  • It is a holistic approach to communications. The Evidence-Based approach is a complete methodology. The approach ensures a thorough use of data and tools designed specifically to insert science into the process where appropriate.
  • It provides proof of PR value to the organization’s C-Suite. By using an Evidence-Based approach, communications professionals can demonstrate the value that PR brings to their organization at large.